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My name is Brandon Johnson, a young entrepreneur, a success book author, and the owner of many small businesses. Years back, I was once in your shoes looking for the best money making opportunities, I couldn’t find them.. It wasn’t until 3 years into owning and operating a moving company where I came across this gig. I make more doing this, just me and my wife, than I did operating moving labor services. It’s crazy. I’ve always been interested in flipping for profits, I’ve done storage auctions and it’s typically, you put something down as payment and then you profit off of sales, so  I’m into buying and selling. Now imagine coming across something that can get you paid to pickup items that you can then sell for profits. Thats unheard of and I want you to be part of it because I simply can’t run the whole United Stated by myself.  My primary goal is to help as many people as I can. 

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Brandon called me back within 10-15 minutes and took the time on his very busy Saturday to answer all of my questions. Brandon has a very polite demeanor and the respectful way he answers the phone and deals with prospective customer shows that he takes his job and business very seriously. Brandon is a VERY honest gentleman and 100% helpful in giving me advice. It is very hard to find authentically HONEST people who have a very high level of personal and professional integrity. Thank you, Brandon, for your super quick call back and taking the time out of your busy Saturday to help me out.
-Sandra C
Brandon has truly come a long way in a quick time doing this, and has done it in a very short time. he is very upfront and honest person who also likes to help everyone out and do right by people, he's always extending his arms to help the people around him wanting everyone to success instead of just him. i have seen the process work from the beginning and personally have seen his continue success.
Misael H